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A happy lawn is a healthy lawn, and you can keep your yard green year-round without the use of unwanted chemicals. Keep kids and pets safe by sticking to organic with our ideas below, and learn how this will benefit you in the long run! With our tips, tricks, and DIY recipes your lawn will be flashing a big green smile to all your neighbors in no time!


  • Clovers although seem like a pesky weed to get rid of because they may ruin the appearance of a perfect lawn, they’re usually here to help! Your lawn is trying to tell you that it needs more nitrogen, and clover clippings will do just that! They’ll help cure your lawn, fertilizer-free.
  • Dandelions appear when your lawn is trying to tell you a few things…Just to be sure what your soil needs, do a dirt check. Spraying white vinegar directly on the weeds should solve the immediate problem but you may need extra nutrient spray depending on the reason the weeds are sprouting. Spreading corn gluten on the lawn may also help prevent dandelions from rearing their fuzzy heads.
  • Crabgrass starts to grow when the grass is cut too short. They can be removed by digging out the roots, and prevented early spring by spreading corn gluten, but in the mean time raise your mower’s blade. Grass grows the healthiest around two inches tall.

Feed Your Lawn: Fertilizer is tricky, you can’t use too much but your plants are better off using some. It’s even harder to find a natural fertilizer that fits your needs! Sometimes the best solution is making your own, so check out this homemade organic fertilizer we found.

Add Compost: Spreading a thin layer of compost over your yard each spring or fall to help the soil reach a healthier level of nutrients. You’ll be surprised at how much this small step helps!

Don’t Cut Too Low: Like we said before, grass is healthiest around 2 inches tall. If you cut the lawn too short weeds may start growing and they won’t get as much water resulting in a brownish color. Each time you mow the lawn be sure not to cut more than 1/3 of the height!

Keep Your Blade Sharp: A dull lawnmower blade will rip off the top of the grass instead of cutting it cleaning, kind of like splitting the end of your hair. If you sharpen your blade at least  once a season your grass will be healthier, and look a little cleaner.

Leave the Clippings: Despite some beliefs that leaving lawn clippings in the yard will lead to more build up, thatching, and weeds, it turns out that the old clippings help add nutrients! This is a simple thing to do that will help maintain grass health.

Aerate Your Lawn: Aerating tools can be purchased for larger lawns, they allow oxygen into the grass and stimulate healthier growth. Another trick is sticking a wood pencil into your lawn a few inches deep! This does the same trick but happens to be a lot more convenient!

With these tips, your neighbors will be begging to know your gardening secrets! Share your tricks in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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