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First impressions are the most memorable, and this is true with homes too. Some strive for the inside of their home to be at the peak of every trend, but what’s the point if your exterior decorating isn’t at its best? After all, the outside of your home will get a million more glances than the inside. The front door is the one thing every guest is forced to focus on while waiting for you to answer. And what’s more, since it’s on the exterior of your home, it’s the one part of your house that countless people pass by each day. However, with unlimited choices it can be hard to choose the right door for your home, but trust us, it’s well worth the effort and a necessity in creating the best first impression for your décor, and the right color for your home.

Depending on the age and style of your home, you may want to choose a different door than you would with an open option. Elliptical fanlights and rectangular windows surrounding the doors are classic, but they don’t suit everyone! This southern style is perfect for Colonial style homes with big porches, or entry stairs. This particular style looks great with a natural brown or nude, but fit it to your own home!

A formal entryway is great for a wide variety of homes. The semicircular fanlight and full pediment fits any traditional home with stoops or side entrances. To make an even bigger impression, add slim columns to each side of the door. We wouldn’t recommend using this style with low ceilings and/or on a porch, as this tends to detract from the grand look.

For a craftier approach on front doors, try the natural embellished look. Try looking for the classic wood finishes, and simple paneled windows. This is a timeless style perfect for a bungalow or ranch-styled home.

If durability and security are your top priority, look into steel doors. Although they aren’t the most trendy look, they’ll get the job done right. Stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, they won’t warp or crack under any weather condition. Dents and dings are repairable which is another plus.

When choosing the color of your front door, keep in mind the style you chose. Glossy blacks, rich reds, creamy whites, and deep navies will never go out of style. For a more contemporary trend, look into soft eggshell colors and matte finished nudes.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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