Final Five – Gabby’s Dream Bedroom

Gabby's Dream Bedroom

UPDATE: Our Dream Design Contest has been closed. Congratulations to Stephanie with her “Anastasia” bedroom winning with a whopping 393 votes! Great job to everyone who participated, and stick around for even more opportunities to win our furniture!

Congratulations Tiffany Pluntke on making the Final Five! Gabby’s dream bedroom has the adorable color scheme of purples, greens, and earthy blue tones to create the perfect spring wonderland look. We chose Tiffany’s design because she incorporated items that aren’t conventionally a bedroom item, bringing a new and innovative look to her design.

To see Gabby’s Dream Bedroom in full, click here.

Gabby's Dream Bedroom

Remember, if you want to help Tiffany and her daughter Gabby win a Dakota Sleigh Bed, comment below telling us what you liked from Tiffany’s design!

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