Final Five – Ella’s Zebra Room

UPDATE: Our Dream Design Contest has been closed. Congratulations to Stephanie with her "Anastasia" bedroom winning with a whopping 393 votes! Great job to everyone who participated, and stick around for even more opportunities to win our furniture!

Erin Nash-Fairfox designed this beautiful bedroom to make the Final Five! This bedroom is perfectly personalized for her daughter Ella, and that's exactly why we love it! A bedroom should be another way to express yourself, and that's exactly what Erin and Ella have done here.

"My 9 year old daughter Ella is having a rough summer. She was blinded in her right eye on June 1st and is on her 3rd surgery. After her surgery this week she has to be flat on her stomach for a week, no fun! Currently, her room is all mish mash and I know she would really enjoy a new bedroom design to cheer her up. She loves animals and especially animal print. Together as therapy for her we painted a picture of a zebra to hang in her room. I also had custom eye patches made for her. Check out my pin board and you will see a photo of her and the picture we painted together which is the inspiration for her room. She said she wants "black" furniture so we chose the Modeno set although mommy would prefer the white Dakota set. We would be grateful for anything. Ella says "no more bunk beds" she wants a full size bed like her big sissy. And we can't forget her puppy sweet Teddy, he needs a spot too with a purple cushion. Thank you for this opportunity!"

Click here to see the full Pinterest board Erin designed for her daughter Ella's dream bedroom.

To bring Erin and Ella one step closer to that Modeno Storage Bed they're hoping for, comment below telling us what you love about their bedroom design!

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