Fall Prep

Now that it’s September, time to brace ourselves for the colder fall weather! With all the chaos of school starting and getting back in the swing of things, it’s hard to remember everything in Autumn preparation! Although we can’t pack your kids lunches every morning and make sure they get on the right bus, we can help you out remembering your home keeping necessities! Here are just a few of the essentials to keep you on top of things as the leaves start changing colors and the family starts piling in!

  • First things first, clean the house! A thorough wipe-down should be required before each season, while smaller ones can be done each month (our cleaning checklist).
  • Decorate for fall! Check out our handy-dandy Autumn DIY Decor guide to get the most festive house in the neighborhood, and a few fun weekend projects for the kids!
  • When it’s cold enough, plant spring-blooming bulbs! Seems a little early, but it all pays off when you have the first gorgeous garden.
  • Safety first, check your smoke alarms before any big fall feasts. Doing this twice a year is a definite must, so make an effort to check around daylight savings.
  • Use a tarp to cover up the firewood so it’s ready to go on those colder fall/winter days when you need it!
  • Fill those bird feeders! This is an easy way to help increase chances of those cute little visitors on cold unwelcoming days!
  • Take out the winter bedding. After a good 6 months of being stored away, it’s time to take out the heavy duty linen. You’ll be thankful it’s an easy switch when all of the sudden temperature drops from 70 to 40!
  • Update your windows by using a heavier fabric to keep out colder drafts…The sun is no longer your biggest window problem! Also do a check to make sure no cold air is getting in through any little cracks.
  • Take out the winter coats and jackets to be prepared for parka weather! We know you’re all dying to break out the latest greatest fall fashion anyway!
Hopefully all this Fall prep has created the perfect Autumn environment in your home, let us know your favorite tips in the comments below!
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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