Fall 2012 Home Decor Trends

Kids are leaving for school, the weather is beginning to cool down, and leaves are beginning to lose their pigment of green– you know what this means, it's autumn! Autumn 2012 marks a full year since we first started sharing home decor trends with you all, and we've enjoyed every season of sharing these trends and ideas! This Fall, we're going to focus on the trending colors to use in home decor and give you some easy tips to implement these colors in your existing palette. If you're planning on staying ahead of the trend, and decorating your home using these fashionable ideas– keep reading!

Elegant and bronze is one of those looks that never goes out of style, but amp it up this fall with different shades, patterns, and textures in the room. Check out the picture above for an idea of what we mean by mixing it up with the bronze elegance theme. Bronze wallpaper ties together the cohesive warm metal feel from the ceiling to the floor, and gives it a more formal finish than a simple paint color. The orange and red centerpiece ties together the warm hues of the room, and brings a familiar fall color palette back into the room's theme.

Vibrant colors can also be autumn-appropriate when paired with a deeper counterpart. Try yellowy-green walls contrasted with deep espresso wood furniture. This unexpected combination may strike you as a little odd, but after seeing it together you'll love it. This vibrant, warm contrast gives off a very modern elegant feel. Add in a few boldly patterned accent pieces on the wood furniture, and you'll complete this warm citrus look. Deep hues of forest greens and red wines on top of the espresso wood will add the perfect balance of elegance against the lime colored walls.

Rich browns are of course always in for the fall time. This timeless look can be implemented in almost any color scheme seamlessly, or done on its own for a classy chocolate look. A nice medium-toned brown color would look stunning against lighter wood furniture. Using a variety of shades together gives the perfect earthy feel for autumn. Deep red draperies and accessories accent the brown bases in the room, while giving a little bit of added color to the room. Check out the room shown on the right for an example of this deep red/brown combination that never goes out of trend.

The last trend we have for you is inspired by those seasonal fall veggies we can't wait to get our hands on when the time comes. The warm hues of a perfectly ripe pumpkin accents perfectly with the neutral tones of a zucchini. This burnt orange and deep green combination gives off the perfect fall feel, while still representing a high fashion combination that works in any household. Pair a neutral green wall color with pumpkin orange accents on deep brown furniture to get the same look that we're seeing all over designer homes. Strategically using paisley patterns throughout your decor is another way to make the color more subtle, but the overall look stand out. For an example of a room using this trend, check out Christopher Grubb's design here.

Let us know which of these trends you like, and if you end up using any of them this Autumn! Happy harvesting! 😉

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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