Epoch Design’s Mail Boss mailbox virtually indestructible

You may know Epoch Design makes super durable furniture, but do you also know we make the most durable mailboxes ever? In fact, our Mail Boss security mailboxes are so durable, they can withstand being hit by a car!

Mail Boss customer Gerald recently shared some photos of his Mail Boss Mailbox and the damage that the mailbox did to the car that hit it. Usually, it's the other way around, but not with our mailboxes! Here's what Gerald had to say:

I took these photos after my Mail Boss was hit by a car.

I'd say box 1, auto 0

One tough box.  Did alot of car damage.





Of course, the big appeal of our Mail Boss mailboxes is that they protect your sensitive documents from the fast growing crime of identity theft. For more information on our security locking mailboxes, check out our website www.mailboss.com.

laura weaver

Posted by laura weaver

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