Earth Friendly Furniture – Niko Bedroom Collection

Epoch Design introduces our new line of Earth Friendly Furniture!

  • Made from a fast-growing renewable grass
  • Distinctive, delicate grain for fine furniture
  • Durable when laminated, stronger than oak

The Niko Bamboo Bedroom Collection, made of sustainable solid Giant Bamboo, is an attractive and inexpensive way to go green in your home!

Niko Bedroom CollectionThe Niko Bamboo Bedroom Collection includes:

Bamboo Furniture is a smart choice for consumers looking to Go Green. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, because unlike solid hardwoods, it is a fast-growing grass. Recognized as a renewable resource, one bamboo clump can produce 200 poles in the five years it takes one tree to reach maturity. Plus, bamboo produces more oxygen than a hardwood forest of the same size! Compared to wood lumber, bamboo is by far a more socially responsible resource.

Not only is bamboo a sustainable resource, it is also quite functional and attractive when harvested for furniture. Its distinctive, delicate grain has a natural beauty ideally suited for fine furniture. It is also quite durable, stronger than oak when laminated!

Furniture Designs in Bamboo



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