Doggy Décor

That brand new couch that drew you in by it’s sleek stylish looks in the photo doesn’t look so sophisticated now that it’s surrounded by man’s best friends’ favorite toys. Spot’s cheap bed and rugged toys may be guilty for the worn out look around your house, but it can be fixed! With the right toys, bed, and food, your dog’s corner will be just as fabulous and functional as the rest of your home!

The first fix for Fido’s fashion faux pas is replacing the bed! This is the biggest culprit to a not-so-fabulous living room look. No matter how nice you buy them, those big foam beds are bound to become a mess of shredded fabric. When shopping for dog beds that look good and last long, look for a wood framed sleigh bed like this one. With 3 size and color options, it’ll fit any dog and décor! Although some prefer letting their pets sleep with them, this could lead to bad habits— be sure to give your pets their own bed!

Step two? Get some cute toys! Just because you’re dog likes roughhousing with it’s toys, doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Look around until you find some cute ones that match your décor!

Pamper your puppy with cute bowls to match your room. For a dark sophisticated look check out raised wire framed bowls like these, or for a more whimsical approach go for cute plastic bowls.

Little tricks like these can turn the messiest part of your house into a pooch’s palace! Just be sure to replace old toys every once in a while, and wash the bed as much as you’d wash your own! If you have any tips to a fido chic decor, leave them in the comments below.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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