DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board

DIY Wine Cork Bulletin BoardThe old magnets on the fridge is so out of style now. Bulletin boards a great replacement to this tacky trick. They’re a great way to leave names and numbers for the babysitter, keep your to-do lists without losing them, or leave a cute note for the kids! We’ve already shown you the DIY pin-free ribbon bulletin board, so here’s a classier option. For all you old school wine fanatics that keep the old corks but never put them to use, here’s the perfect project!


  • Wine Corks
  • Frame
  • Plywood
  • Liquid Cement (or wood glue)
  • Decorative pins/tacks (optional)


  1. Size the plywood so it fits the frame you chose.
  2. Glue the corks to the plywood as shown above. Be sure the labels are facing up to give it a more vintage edge.
  3. Wait for glue to dry and hang where desired.
  4. Pin items to board using decorative pins or tacks (cork pins are a cute touch).
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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