Dinosaur Bedroom – Jurassic Inspired Interior Design

One of the biggest movie events of the last 30 years was Jurassic Park. It was a major blockbuster film based on a popular novel and it was a thrilling story that brought dinosaurs to life. And now, some 20 years later, Jurassic World, is the biggest movie in the theaters. (The in office reviews on the new movie are mixed; Scott loved it but Jenny fell asleep.) People, young and old, are still fascinated by dinosaurs. Our latest interior design mood board is inspired by those prehistoric giants that we are still learning new things about everyday, the dinosaurs.


The great thing about a dinosaur themed room is that you know it isn't a passing trend! Even though what we know about dinosaurs might be changing and they might actually look more like giant birds, there will always be a place for the retro dinosaur look. Even our old friend the Brontosaurus has returned. This is a great bedroom decor plan for kids of any age.

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