Decorating Dares

While decorating a new room you’re told to keep all these rules in mind—blank ceiling, light colors, no clashing patterns, etc. All these “tips” result in clichéd paper cutout rooms… Rules are meant to be broken, so here are a few bold ways to revamp a tedious room.

  • Paint Cabinets: I’m sure we all have friends with white kitchen cabinets and white countertops, so why not stand out? Paint your cabinets a bright color to contrast with the rest of the room for a daring look.
  • Loud Ceilings: Who said ceilings have to stay white? Add some color a few shades light to the walls or in the same color family for a more intriguing look…to make even more of a statement, use wallpaper on the ceiling and tie into the patterned look.
  • Dark Walls: Although generally light colors make a small room seem larger, they can also add character to a small place. Step out of your comfort zone to try a deep, rich color instead of your safe pastels.
  • Extended Curtains: By hanging curtains above the top of a window frame, closer to the ceiling, the window will appear larger. This can also be achieved by using curtains that extend past the windows themselves horizontally.
  • Bold Patterns: Soft and soothing bedrooms are one way to go, but if you love confident and daring colors, then go for it! Instead of pacifying you to sleep, they’ll give you a pick-me-up in the morning.
  • Super-sized Furniture: Generally people think small furniture in small spaces make sense, but doing this makes a room seem more cluttered than it actually is. For a roomier feel, use fewer, but larger, pieces of furniture.
  • Anything but Walls: Use wallpaper on furniture or doors instead of the walls themselves for a unique patterned look to the room without overdoing it. This is a cheap way to add a busier look to a dull room!
  • Switch Up the Patterns: Using the same fabric all over the room gets boring, don’t be afraid to mix patterns in the same area as long as they don’t clash too much!
Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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