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After our post about Spring 2012 Home Decor Trends, we were inspired to create individual bedroom guides for each theme that we game you instead of just the brief paragraphs. From researching all these great new styles that will be popular this spring, we couldn’t wait to create looks! Starting off with the Vintage Paris theme, this is a classic girly look that can work with any neutral color scheme. Keep reading to create your very own France-esque bedroom that’ll be all the rage for Spring 2012!

Start of with the chic and trendy wall color of a basic gray. Although this seems like a boring color to paint your walls, it makes a fashion statement with the right decor! The right shade of gray looks amazing with white, brown and/or metallic accents. Create a room based around these colors for the vintage French look that we’re going for with this guide. Simple colors are a great way to start off when redecorating a room– a wall color like gray is easily adaptable to another theme you may decide on later. If solid gray is still a little to plain for your taste, try using a simple, mature, floral wallpaper. This will also give a French looking room, but a little girlier and less stand out.

To go with this elegant theme, you need the furniture to match. Check out the Verona Collection for gorgeous wood furniture that fits with the European style, and looks antiqued. Most people don’t think about pairing deep browns with cool toned walls, but in this theme it looks absolutely stunning. The brown stands out against a mid-toned gray, and give stat same vintage look that we really want to achieve for this style!

To match the gorgeous Verona bed‘s elegant look, and continue the Paris-esque theme, try using a royal bedspread that fits the right neutral color palette you’re using. For the gray wall, and metallic/cream accents that we’ve chosen, this “Blue Bell” bedspread is perfect. It matches all the right colors in all the right places, and still looks very Vintage French. Getting a plethora of decorative pillows will also add a lot to this look and really make the bed stand out.

Hanging a vintage chandelier somewhere in your room is also a really easy way to get this look fast. Something more wiry than crystal is what you’d want to look for to get the complete French look. Try looking for one with a similar look to this one.

We hope this guide has helped you create the gorgeous Vintage French bedroom you’ve always wanted! This spring trend truly inspired us to create a guide for you, so we hope it inspires you to redecorate your bedroom!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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