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Every little kid wishes they live in a world of gumdrops and sweet tarts at some point, so why not create a bedroom around it? As we browsed Pinterest, we found adorable Candy Shoppe themed parties and decor, and couldn't help but designing a bedroom around the theme! For our ideas on creating this sugar rush bedroom look, keep reading!

Starting with the walls, we really like the idea of a clean white, blank canvas to work with. Not only does this allow you to maximize the decorating colors, but it's something you won't regret by the time your little one out grows the room's look! To start spicing these bland walls up, we'd first add the Melted Crayon Art DIY project we showed you guys how to do last year– This is a really fun and inexpensive way to do an art project with the kids, as well as add a fun pop of color to contrast with the white walls! Now if these blank walls are still a little too boring for your taste, try out some fun patterns or ideas with chalkboard paint! This charcoal gray paint can be found at most hardware stores, and allows you to write on any surface with plain old chalk! We love the idea of an accent wall, or even a few patterns placed throughout the blank space! Either way, you can't go wrong with this stuff. Your kids will love to express themselves on their walls (without getting in BIG trouble for ruining the paint)!

Now that the walls are set up and ready to go, you'll want to furnish the space! We thought an adorable combination would be white furniture with white walls, but you could also look into some more contrasting pieces! If you like the white-on-white look as well, check out the Dakota collection for a variety of different pieces. Not only does this create a very brightening and happy environment, but it makes the room itself seem like a larger space! If you're working in a more cramped bedroom, this is the perfect solution! The Dakota collection also includes a beautiful bunkbed to save even more space for those that share bedrooms with a sibling!

Walls? Check. Furniture? Check! Time to get into that yummy Candy Shoppe decor! With our design, we wanted to go for a more vintage/original candy shoppe look, so red and white stripes must be incorporated of course! Whether you decide to go with the bedding on this one, or even a simple wall accent, the red and white stripes really bring out the theme against the white walls! Brightly colored balloons wrapped in cellophane create the perfect lollipop or hard candy! These only last as long as the balloons do, but the balloons could also be substituted for bright bouncy balls for a more permanent decoration! In addition to things like this, get creative with your decor! Don't be afraid to create some Hershey's Kisses out of Tin Foil, or paint some candy buttons on a strip of white wall! The best part about this bedroom design, is that there are endless combinations of DIY decorating projects to do.

If you want some more ideas on the Candy Shoppe bedroom, check out our Pinterest board below! It has links to all of the different sites we gathered inspiration from with this look. Let us know if you try out the candy themed bedroom!

Candy Shoppe Bedroom Pinterest Board

Kalei Munsell

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