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When buying things for our kids, we always hesitate because they just keep growing! No matter how much you want them to stay small, and fit into the cute clothes only a doll could fit into, they just won’t stop growing! While shopping for a new bed, this is a to keep in mind, and it’s just not as easy to swap out, like an old pair of sneakers, so be sure to buy a new bed that will fit your kids’ needs from toddler to teen, like these–

When the bedroom’s a little tight, and you want to make the most out of every space you can find, get a bed that doubles up! This Radia Loft Bed is the perfect fit. All the fun of a bunk bed, and the extra space for a study section. This full sized bed allows room for younger kids to play and plenty of room to sleep as they get older. The study space below is perfect for creating a fort and keeping toys, but it will also allow for a quiet space to study for the next big test! The safety rails will keep you from worrying, and they’ll love always having a rai

sed bed. You can’t go wrong with this space saver that easily fits to any decor!

For another simple bed that’ll suit all ages, checkout the Modeno Storage Bed. Its sleek style is perfect for integrating into any theme, and it will look sleek and more modern as your kid’s style and taste begins to mature. The space beneath the bed will be perfect for storing all those toys instead of cluttering the room with an extra box, and down the road, that same space can be used for clothes or sports equipment!

For more feminine rooms, the Dakota Panel Bed is another great option, and it’s perfectly customizable with its twin-size, full-size, storage drawers or a trundle bed options. The currently-trending white finish looks great with any color scheme now! Check out how we styled this collection in a previous post. This bed allows room for growth in every way – style and size!

All of these beds are great options when decorating for your kid’s bedroom! Just keep in mind that they’ll all look great no matter what theme you chose for the bedroom. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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