Autumn DIY Décor

Fall is the perfect time of year to show off a more fashionable, creative side. Every designer knows the best trends pop up around this time of year! When your wardrobe gets amped up, so should your home! Create a warm and cozy environment for the family with do-it-yourself projects and cute ideas to shake things up for your lovely visitors.

Create your own colorful leaves garland, perfect for indoor decor! This is a great alternative to the traditional autumn garland, especially with kids around! It’ll brighten your fall decorations without looking tacky or childish, and is a fun project for the family. If you prefer a classy traditional look, here’s another garland DIY to try out.

No season is complete without a wreath to match! Check out this DIY for a gorgeous fall wreath, perfect for dressing up your plain front door! Another door arrangement to try is a cornucopia bundle. This is a great way to change up the norm while still being festive!

Decorating the mantle is a cute touch you don’t want to forget! Somehow the fireplace decor makes those transitioning fall days seem a little bit warmer… Check out this guide to get a garland and mini pumpkin mantle arrangement like the one shown above!

As hard as we try to keep our lovely indoor planters alive, it’s not an easy task! Double up your planters duty by filling it with mini squash, pumpkins, and a few strands of hay for a festive fall look. This DIY autumn planter is sure to catch a few eyes!

An adorable idea to bring into any room of the house is turning a mini pumpkin or squash into a vase! These gourds seem to scream “autumn” and add a cutesy touch. Simply cut off the tops, scoop out the pulp, and add your favorite flower arrangements! Don’t keep the same vases around for more than a couple weeks or they’ll lose their fresh appeal and start to let water seep through.

As summer is coming to an end, our favorite bright and beautiful flowers go out of season. Although you may not want to cover the inside of your home in fuchsia florals, here’s our favorite alternative– making flowers out of cornhusks! Perfect for an autumn girly girl, they’re a great way to get the faux flower feel from home!

We hope these ideas and great guides we found help you transition from summer to fall decor seamlessly! If you have any DIY ideas for fall decorating that you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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