A Hugo Mood Board – French, Steampunk, Kid’s Room Decor

We are already on our 10th mood board! I remember the first one like it was yesterday… Hopefully you are all finding some inspiration in the mood boards or at least getting a sense of how to use different design and decor elements to create a complete room. Interior design can be a daunting task and these boards are just a tool to try and make it easier and more fun to decorate.

This Monday's mood board is pretty unique but also quite fun. It is based on the award winning children's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. This imaginative novel was also turned into a beautiful movie directed by Martin Scorsese. Hugo, is set in a fantasy world that is a charming mix of 1930's Paris, France seen through the eyes of a child and with steampunk elements mixed in. Most likely some of you are not familiar with the science fiction subgenre of steampunk. It is a fascinating subculture that has its own conventions and visual asthetics. This combination of futuristic science fiction and old-timey steam powered mechanization creates for a very interesting look that can make for a beautiful bedroom. The color palette of yellow, blue and red adds the softness for a kid's room as well as bringing in more classic French visuals. It all somehow comes together and would make some little inventive child very happy!


The Kenai Loft Bed would be a great piece in this Hugo inspired kid's room. It is an architecturally interesting piece and it gives your little inventive child a workspace to create whatever their imagination holds.

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