A Hauntingly Beautiful Mood Board – Interior Design for Halloween or Any Day

Here is a great example of why Mood boards are a useful design tool. What we've done here is gone with a theme, in this case it is "haunting", and we compiled images that are both spooky and examples of great interior design. We could easily compile a board of images that are just "haunting" but that would be a board with a bunch of scary images that might be tacky or might not be what you would want in your home. The trick is to be "haunting" but also go together in a room that any one would want.

For this board there are some lovely elements that happen to have a bit of a haunting feel to them. A mosquito net type of draping over the bed is lovely in a ghostly way. Cracked and peeling paint or wallpaper can look awful in the wrong context. But if used properly, it creates an amazingly textural focal point in your home. As for color palettes, it is hard to do bright colors in a spooky way. So we are running with the black, browns and grays that work so well together.

Our new Verona Collection has the fine details of molding and paneling that fit with a more gothic style.


Thank you for viewing our mood board. Check back on Mondays for #moodboardmonday to see new inspirations. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

ngoc cao

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