A Green and Gold Bedroom Decor – Modern Interior Design

Once I came across the vintage wine poster (in the bottom left corner of the mood board) from Verona, Italy I knew it would be a great inspiration for a mood board. The green and gold and black colors all work so beautifully in a bedroom decor. It is certainly a dramatic color scheme that lends itself to a very sophisticated style. Currently these colors are often being used in an art deco design but it would work in a variety of other ways, even a Green Bay Packers room! But for this mood board I’m leaving the cheese heads out and am using more classic elements. Then again, this is just meant to get you going in your own direction so you can certainly put your sports memorabilia up if you’d like. Have fun with your bedroom decor. Have fun designing!

Green and Gold

Green and Gold Bedroom

Our Verona Collection compliments this mood board well.

ngoc cao

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