A Circus Bedroom

Circuses bring joy to kids of all ages, all the time (except those afraid of clowns), so why not create a bedroom that mocks the same happy-go-lucky theme? Of course it sounds intimidating at first– a lot could go wrong! Well not with us. We’ve come up with an easy to follow guide to help you create your kids a circus of their own without the in-your-face colors, and hard to replace decor! With this tips, tricks, and ideas to inspire you, you’re sure to come up with a gorgeous and creative bedroom that you and your kids will love! 

As we all know, kids grow up much too fast! Somehow as we decorate our little boy or girl’s room, this is always in the back of our minds– how long until they’ll want to redecorate? So instead of doing anything a little too crazy, or a little too permanent, we decided to tone down the circus paint job. For those of you who don’t want to go all out in red and white stripes across every surface, try this trick. Pick one color in two different shades, and simply paint the striped tent effect on the ceiling. By just painting the ceiling, you’ll give a dramatic multi-dimensional effect to the room, but it’ll be easily repaintable in the future! The two-shade technique will give a less tacky look, but still circus-esque!

Now that we’ve got the basic color scheme down, it’s time to lay out the furniture plan for your homemade circus! Deep coffee stained wood looks amazing with this theme, so we recommend our Gabriel collection. Just for an extra circus twist, and a space saving tip, we think the Full Size Study Loft is a great addition to any room! Safe and fun for any kid to play around in, and the furniture will grow with them even after the circus theme gets old!

As we’re sure all your kids love, circuses are filled with our favorite cuddly animals! To replicate this lively theme in the kids bedroom, fill it with stuffed animals! A giant giraffe, elephant, or horse would be a great way to keep the circus theme running through the entire bedroom. Not only this, but your kids will love to sleep with their fluffy new friend!  These are easily replaceable as outgrown, but also a great keepsake for your kids as they get older to remember their old bedroom.

For the perfect accent to a bed full of stuffed friends, use a striped bedskirt! This multidimensional bedskirt will add a circus touch to the room that’s hard to place. This simple trick adds a nice touch to the room, and can be easily accented with similarly colored lamps or window shades! This is also another quick and easy trick that can be swapped out for color or theme at any point for the kids preference!

Hopefully a few of these tips help you create a one of a kind bedroom, perfect for your circus loving kids! Let us know what you think in the comments below, and enjoy!

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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