A Chic, Modern Nursery: Essential Elements to Make it Happen

Don’t settle for a nursery room straight out of fancy magazines — modern is the way to go. With so many hipster parents these days, out went the frilly sheets and teddy bears and in came the mod lighting, cool rugs and exceptional furniture.


Here are some tips to create a hip, modern nursery room:

Crib That Converts Into a Toddler Bed

Having a convertible crib for a toddler bed will not only save you money later down on the road, but it can be a staple to the room. You won’t have to worry about finding a different bed and if it’s too big or too small. This will also save time when buying new bedding and sheets.

This will also help with a child that’s attached to their bed. Instead of getting a few years use out of a crib, you will get six or so years. Talk about saving money. There are many styles and colors, so you will be able to choose one that fits the theme and style you’re looking for. We bet you can even find something that will match the style in the rest of your home.

Colorful Rug

Even if you have carpet, adding a rug — large or small — will add depth and color to the space. Try bold colors like orange, red or brown. Use fun, colorful accent pieces to draw the colors from the rug into other parts of the room. Maybe you can match your rug with a pair of new window blinds. A good set of blinds does more than block the sun, they accent the color and style of a room.

Wall Decor

Plain old artwork won’t do anymore for the nursery. Forget about putting your child’s name up with paper-mâché letters — that just isn’t enough for a modern nursery. Select an accent wall for stickers or wallpaper. There are tons of different great designs that can animate a room, with everything from trees, birds, a city skyline and even damask.

Instead of putting a few pictures here and there, place a photo collage on the wall or frame nursery rhymes or favorite pages from old books. You can even frame pictures from their birth or during your pregnancy. Or to make it easier to update pictures regularly, you could use a cork board.


Traditional lamps just won’t do in a modern nursery. Think of uniquely shaped lamps like in the form of an abacus, giraffe or a pencil. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, try a tall and slender lamp with a gigantic shade. Think outside the box — it will help you construct a unique nursery.

Diaper Caddy

You can get so much use out of a stylish and functional diaper caddy. Looking somewhat like a gift basket or remote control holder, you will be able to bring it wherever you go — including the living room when you have guests over. With so many sleek and ingenious designs, the diaper caddy will become your best friend. No matter which you chose — pastels, bold patterns, wicker or fabric — it will be a welcome addition to any nursery room.

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