7 Things That Have to Go

Admit it, there are a ton of things on your "to-clean (eventually)" list that everyone knows are permanent items! From your kitchen to closet, we know you can get rid of a ton of stuff. Some things are just unpractical to keep around. We're gonna tell you how to fix this problem by giving you 7 things we know need a thorough cleaning and organizing, and tell you how to decipher junk from useful extras! {C}

  1. Plastic lunch containers. If you're a parent, hiker, or picnicker, you're bound to have too many of these things! We all go rummaging through the drawers trying to match lids and bottoms, so here's the quick fix. Just find some spare time and match up as many tops and bottoms as you have, all the ones with a missing piece– toss 'em!
  2. Canned food. Take inventory of your pantry, and obviously throw away all your expired food! If something's right around the corner from it, add it to the menu! With all the extras that you realize you'd never get around to eating before it expired (or in general), donate them! There are plenty of canned food drives around, just take the time to find it so your surplus goes to good use.
  3. Medicine. Although you may think your medicine cabinet is stocked with everything you could ever need, you may be wrong! Just like the pantry, go through everything looking for expired products. If it's of no use anymore take it to the pharmacy for proper disposal.
  4. Receipts. Saving the embarrassing receipt from your recent shopping spree is always a good idea, but don't forget to get rid of them eventually! We're all guilty of hoarding receipts from years past, "just in case," but are you really gonna return those shoes from last summer? I don't think so!
  5. Magazines. Lots of people like to keep magazines even after reading the whole thing, we think well I can just go through this again when I get bored… Exactly how many times have you revisited last year's Martha Stewart's Living? A good rule of thumb is if you haven't touched it in 2 months, you won't for the next 2! Donate them to a school, doctors office, or nursing home where someone else will flip through them!
  6. Electronics. Those piles of cords, screens, and keyboards are no use to you now! Do you really need to keep a pile of dinosaur computers in your garage? Old cellphones can be donated or given to a friend, while all the other junk should be recycled properly in E-Waste centers.
  7. Kitchen Utensils. When you pull open the kitchen drawer to get a measuring cup, does everything else spill out too? If this applies to you, it's time to clean! Put all your utensils in a box, and pull them out as needed– after 2 months are up, everything still left in the box becomes trash!
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