Spidey Bedroom

For all those kids that think they’ll get super spidey powers after every bug bite, here’s a room to die for. Waking up every morning to a setting this exciting is perfect for those restless toddlers and excitable kids. Let’s face it, we’re afraid to decorate our little boy’s room according to his fantasy because we all know he’ll grow out of it eventually. The key? Decorate wisely, and plan ahead. Here’s how to theme your room like this comic book, without over doing it…

Cute and tacky are dangerously close when it comes to decorating a kid’s bedroom with Marvel comics! Be sure you don’t overuse the character of Spiderman, and just theme it around the color scheme. Just use one eye-catching piece in the room, like the mural shown above.

The wall decal is a great way to theme the room because it can be easily changed or removed. When they outgrow the comics, just take away the mural for a red and blue theme! When decorating the rest of the room, keep this in mind! Red lamps and a blue bed set or vice-versa! If you really want to make an impact on all the neighborhood kids, check out this decorative spider web! Just hang it across a corner of the ceiling for an unexpected prop!

Get the ultimate superhero feel with a bunk bed or loft bed so the kids can feel like they’re on top of the world! Not only do these fit in perfectly with the theme, but they’re a great space saver (just make sure they’re safe so nobody tries swinging on webs from the top bunk)!

Kalei Munsell

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