5 DIY Painting Textures for the Home

Sometimes those flat monotone wall colors create a boring environment, especially for the home that you spend most of your life in. Surrounding yourself in dull colors is the worst way to to have a productive and energized day, so make that change! Creating a more lively living space is a great refresher for your home, and we have just the way to do it! We know that these detailed paint jobs can get quite expensive, so we've looked high and low for the easiest, cheapest, and most stylish alternatives– perfect for the next weekend project! Check out a few of these DIY painting techniques that will bring a new texture or pattern to your walls (and if you get a chance check out a new post, "10 DIY Wall Treatments")

The first couple of great ideas we came across are from the Spanish craft site, Esmi Hobby. This site is full of great home projects (if you can read Spanish), and had some unique ideas on decorating the walls of your home! Our very favorite technique of theirs was the yarn roller. It creates a gorgeous texture across any wall, and can be layered in the colors of your choice to create a million different looks! Check out the photo of their yarn rolling paint technique at the bottom of this post. Simply wrap a thick yarn around any paint roller you have, and apply the paint in thin layers to the wall until you get the look you're going for. This technique can leave you with a gorgeous paint splattered look, or even a bamboo pattern that would match our bamboo furniture. Depending on the colors you pick, the finish of the paint, and the amount you apply, this technique can leave you with quite the variety of styles!

The second technique we came across from Esmi Hobby is this gorgeous sponged texture. This is a simple trick that's been used for decades, but we thought we'd bring it back! For this cheap and easy style, pick up any thick and textured sponge, and use a light hand to stamp paint on the walls until the desired look is achieved. We think this look would be especially unique if you used a metallic paint to do the texture on a neutral colored base, creating a look of royalty and elegence. Check out this green and gold mood board that shows off this technique.

Another great technique we found was this gorgeous "linen textured" wall painting technique. We got this idea from the DIY Network. It's a great way to make your home look like it just had a professional paint job. This is a trendy style that's sure to land you some guest compliments! This technique is done by applying a thick layer of paint in a vertical stripe, then running a dry brush down the still-wet strype to create the linen texture. When done both horizonally and vertically, you create that subtle criss-cross pattern! For more detailed instructions on this technique, click here. This "linen textured" wall application is very modern and can work in a zen room well. Or if you use a dark blue paint you can use this technique to match up with a denim influenced room.

DIY Painting Techniques

A technique that we've seen more on painted furniture but that can certainly add impact to a wall is crackling. The DIY Network gives a great guide on how to acheive this look as well. It is going to require a specific product called crackle finish medium and it is going to take some extra time and work but the end result can be really amazing.

crackle is popular painting technique

While the technique of glitter painting walls sounds like something that would only work in a little girls room, it is quite the opposite. Glitter paint on walls creates a very elegant and regal effect that looks like it would fit in a palace in Versailles. Check out the how-to details at Benjamin Moore.

A wall painted in Benjamin Moore's My Valentine (1330) red color accented with Country Comfort (305) beige to create glitter effect under candlelight reflection from attached lamp fixture.

We hope a few of these ideas helped you with some ideas for your walls at home! There are plenty of other ways to create a DIY texture (check out our post on 10 DIY wall treatments), so let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!

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