5 Back to School Must-Haves

September is here, and so is school time! Get ready for those early morning alarms with our favorite things that get the kids excited for school. The hardest part? Keeping them interested all year long. These things will maintain the back-to-school motivation for more than a couple weeks. Study up, and check out our best school space essentials! First things first, create a study space for your kids! Whether its desk in their bedroom, a doodle desk in the corner, or a loft bed, they need some sort of quiet space to do their homework! For teens or boys, the Modeno student desk is great. It’s slim, stylish, and fits in a variety of tight squeezes. This desk won’t be outgrown anytime soon, so it’s definitely worth the splurge! If you’ve got a girly girl in the house, check out our second option. The Dakota desk fits in perfectly with any girl’s room, and leaves a cute school corner in the room. For all the little tots, start them out small on a doodle desk like this one. Running low on bedroom space? Loft beds like these allow you to double up on furniture duty! They’re great for those of you who like the idea of a bunk bed, but really don’t need two.

Sometimes, it’s the silly things that make kids happy. Next time you go back to school shopping, pick up a few fun pens and pencils (like these) from the dollar store! Your kids will love showing them off to all their friends.

Along with that new desk, and to put all your funky pens and pencils in, a desk organizer is essential! Instead of splurging on one, check out our DIY phone book desk organizer! These cute organizers are easy to make, and put some use out of those old phone books!

Turn in your papers and give your teachers a laugh (or annoy them), with this stapler. It creates an annoyed face using a stamp on every assignment you staple with it! Great gag gift for teachers, or just fun to have around!

Brighten up the study space with an optical illusion wall decal. It’ll keep the mind flexing, and the room from getting boring! Taking little study breaks getting lost in this creative wall decal is good to keep from over stressing.

Kalei Munsell

Posted by Kalei Munsell

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