20 Epic DIY Headboards

While we think our headboards are beautiful, we know that headboards can be a wonderful place to get creative with your bedroom decor. Here are 20 great Do-It-Yourself headboards that can transform your room.

Pallet – The wooden pallet is the Swiss army knife of the DIY world. Among its many uses you can turn one into a great headboard like this:

Apartment Therapy

Found at Apartment Therapy

Chalkboard – This might be my favorite, although I can see that if you were a teacher this headboard might cause nightmares. The chalkboard headboard is cute and can be updated with whatever you want to put on there:


Found at Curbly

Pegboard – The repeating pattern of holes looks stylish on it’s own but add to that the fact that you can use the pegboard to add shelves and organizers and you’ve got a winning headboard.

DIY Pegboard Projects - Headboard

Found at Bob Vila’s site

A Rug – Tapestries on the wall are great for retaining heat and for noise dampening. They can also be used to create an awesome visual element as is the case with this Native American inspired room:


Found at Home Garden Vibes

Books – Perfect for any bibliophile and can work in a literary themed room as well. You can use books opened up or use books closed so that the covers are displayed prominantly. Get creative!


Outdoor Trellis – This one is really cute and can be used for an adult room or a little girl’s room. It would go perfectly in an Alice In Wonderland themed room.

DIY Garden Trellis Headboard

Wooden Oars – An accent headboard that would work especially well in a beach themed room. You could use two oars in a cross pattern or use multiple oars up and down.

Wooden Oars

Found at Hammers and High Heels

Twinkle Lights – Repurpose some Christmas tree lights in a beautiful way. This headboard also helps to add some light to your bedroom.

Bohemian Style Guest Bedroom with Sweet Fairy Light Headboards

Found at Dig House Design

Upholstered Plywood – An easy way to make your bedroom look oh so luxurious. This project can be as simple as stretching fabric over plywood or can be as complex as a curved and padded headboard with beadwork.

Upholstered Headboard

Found at This Old House

Window Panels – This headboard design would look stunning in a country chic bedroom. The vintage reclaimed window panels are a conversation starter for sure.

old window headboard

Found at New England Home Life

Reclaimed Wood – The style of this one depends on what wood you choose and how you arrange it. It can be more classic and rustic or it can be more colorful and modern.


Found at Design Sponge

Corkboard – This is another headboard that is very versatile and allows you to change things up regularly. Pin up some photographs or artwork or anything you want.


Found at Homedit

Beaded Curtain – This look can be perfect for a 20’s flapper inspired bedroom or it would look amazing in a Bohemian Chic bedroom as well.

Beaded Curtain

Found here

Mirror – All jokes aside, a mirror as a headboard does make your bedroom appear larger and brighter. It can be a very classy and stylish design element for your bedroom.

mirror headboard

Found at Tuvalu Home

Shower Curtain – You can stretch a shower curtain over a frame or you can proudly hang it up like this one:

headboard bed cabinet flowerpot

Found at Bedroom Decor Design Ideas

Pictures – You can do picture frames or just decoupaged pictures up on the wall. Either works well but this creatively arranged picture frame display below is very beautiful:

Frame Collage Headboard | Shrimp Salad Circus Usually when people tell you how to do a wall mural, it involves a ton of measuring, cutting out pieces of paper the same size as your picture frames, sticking and unsticking, swearing and pencil marks all over the wall. This one is different! Shrimp Salad Circus instead uses the bed as a ‘layout’. This makes total sense- the bed is going to be as wide as the headboard will need to be. If you have a mish mash of frames, the best thing to do is take them and spray paint them all the same colour - it doesn’t matter if they are different styles. Buy some art from etsy, use pictures from magazines and of course, print out all those pictures from your camera!

Found at Scissors and Thread

Copper Pipes – Arrange the pipes to be however intricate you want. The bright polished copper is a nice design element and this style of headboard would go wonderfully in a industrial style bedroom or in a steam punk room.

DIY Pipe Bed Headboard

Found at Bob Vila

Rope Around a Frame – Rustic or country or even industrial, this look can work in many a bedroom. The example below is a modern headboard that would work many hip bedrooms:


Found at Poppytalk

Bookcases – A functional alternative to a headboard that people have been using for a long time. Make sure the book shelf is secured to the wall and make sure the items on the shelves are secured as well.

Bookcase Headboard

Found at Apartment Therapy

Flag – Whether you want to show support for your favorite sports team or support for you home country, a flag can serve as an interesting headboard.


Found at Swoon Interiors

So, there you go, a headboard can be many things. It doesn’t really matter what you use or how you use it but it certainly can make a big difference in a room.

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